What should I do,

if my pet dies?

Depending on the size of your pet, we recommend to bed it on a blanket, in a basket or a cardboard box. Put plastic underneath if necessary. Decide between an animal crematorium, animal cemetery or a carcass collection point. If you choose the animal crematorium Dicentra, you will find more information about the process here. If you are unsure about the identification of your cat, let us, your veterinarian or the police read the chip. Deregister your pet from municipality, Amicus or ANIS within 10 days and cancel any insurance.


Am I allowed to bury my pet?

Animals up to 10 kg may be buried on your own property if there is no spring, drinking water reservoir or groundwater protection area nearby. To protect the body from wild animals, it should be covered by a layer of earth at least 80 cm thick.


Where can I find a carcass collection point?

Regional carcass collection points are connected to the municipality and are construed for animals up to 200 kg. Information is available on your municipality's website or by telephone.


Can I bury the cremation ashes?

You may bury the ashes on your own property. For burial in a cemetery or in a family grave, please contact the respective municipality.


What happens to my pet's implant?

If you do not expressly wish the implant to be handed over, it will be removed from the ashes and disposed of.


What does cremation ashes look like?

Cremation ashes contain some ash and bones. These are ground to the size of granules. The proportion of bone depends on the physique of the animal and is individual. For recognizing the cremation ashes as such, we do not grind the bones into dust.


Can I visit the crematorium?

So that the mourners are not disturbed, we refrain from spontaneous visits. Private interested parties, associations or veterinary practices are cordially invited to take part in a group tour.


Can I have my horse cremated in Rüti?

Our cremation ovens are not designed for animals over 125 kg. But we can organize the cremation of your horse from transport to the return of the ashes.