Branch Niederwil near Gossau SG

More and more pet owners want to bring their deceased pet to us personally, but due to a lack of time, they cannot go long distances. In order to generate better customer proximity, we have therefore opened a new location in the canton of St. Gallen. Thus we shorten the journey to a farewell in our premises. Another advantage is the reduction of the pick up costs from the veterinarian or private customer. This allows us to provide you at least a little bit of relief in times of grief.

The animals handed over in Niederwil are carefully, respectfully and in time transferred to our crematorium in Rüti. The ashes can be picked up in Niederwil within three to five working days, or you will receive it by post.

Saying farewell at Niederwil

Our insightful team will answer all your questions about the cremation and shows you our urns. In our quiet and discreetly designed farewell room you can pay your last respects to your darling and mourn undisturbed.

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Has your animal died at the veterinarian, it is enough if you communicate your wish to cremate at Dicentra to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will guide you and arrange everything for you, if you wish. Of course you can also order us as a private person. Give us a call to discuss all the details. If you wish, you can also download the order form and fill it in, but of course we would also like to to this for you. 

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