No matter which type of cremation you choose - you can be sure that your animal is accompanied with dignity until the last moment of its physical shell has passed.

How does your animal get to us?

  • Your veterinarian lets us pick up your animal at their practice/clinic
  • We pick up your animal at your home
  • You accompany your animal on its last journey, by bringing it to us personally

Our pick up service is available on 365 days of the year, and around the clock.

Saying farewell at Dicentra

For a silent farewell to the deceased animal we have provided a special room for you. The individual process will be discussed with you in a personal meeting.

Collective cremation

Your animal will be cremated with other animals and it is therefore impossible to return the ashes. United with the ashes of other animals your friend will find its final resting place in our "Papillongarden". Further details can be found at Papillongarden.

Individual cremation

Your animal will be cremated by itself. You can add small memorabilia made of natural material. If you wish, you may accompany your animal into the room where it is cremated. A cremation takes between 30 minutes and 2-3 hours, depending of the size of the animal.

Which animals can be cremated?

Generally, all animals can be cremated. Our cremation facility is constructed for animals up to 125 kg. For the cremation of very small animals - such as hamster, guinea pigs, mice, birds and so on - our facility has two small chambers. We offer especially low prices for such animals. For horses or other animals above 125 kg we would like to talk to you about the possibilities of a dignified cremation.



Order to cremate

Has your animal died at the veterinarian, it is enough if you communicate your wish to cremate at Dicentra to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will guide you and arrange everything for you, if you wish. Of course you can also order us as a private person. Give us a call to discuss all the details. If you wish, you can also download the order form and fill it in, but of course we would also like to to this for you. 

download order form