Animal crematorium Rüti

With a lot of heart and sensitivity, we ensure that you feel you are in good hands and can say goodbye to your darling. We are always aware of how unique the relationship between you and your animal is. That is why we attach particular importance to give you the service that does justice to your emotions. The individual process of the cremation will be discussed with you in a personal meeting.


Saying farewell at the crematory

For a silent farewell to the deceased animal, we provide a special room for you in our crematorium. Take your time for one last kiss, one last hug. Enclose a drawing, a letter, a few flowers or the favorite toy. It is important that you find an ending and let your pet go, as far as it's right for you.

Order to cremate

Has your animal died at the veterinarian, it is enough if you communicate your wish to cremate at Dicentra to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will guide you and arrange everything for you, if you wish. Of course you can also order us as a private person. Give us a call to discuss all the details. If you wish, you can also download the order form and fill it in, but of course we would also like to to this for you. 

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